Simple Design

Cumulus is designed to not make you feel overwhelmed with information or ads while also never leaving you feeling unprepared for the weather. View hourly forecasts up to 24 hours in advance and daily forecasts up to 10 days.

Detailed Forecasts

Tap the current conditions card to view different conditions like cloud cover and sunrise or sunset. Swipe the hourly cards to view hourly conditions like precipitation, accumulation, or wind. Tap the daily cards to view conditions like visibility or pressure. All done seamlessly with just a tap or swipe.

Dark Mode

Avoid straining your eyeballs by turning on dark mode and get a better viewing experience in low-light environments.

Handy Widgets

Check the weather at a glance right from your home screen with small, medium, and large widgets to choose from. View current weather conditions, the forecast over the next 12 hours, or daily forecasts up to 4 days in advance.

Powered by the best

Cumulus' forecasting abilities are powered by the Dark Sky and OpenWeather servers. They allow Cumulus to get countless information about the weather like knowing when precipitation will start and end, or seeing future weather conditions.

Cumulus Free

The free version of Cumulus gives you all the meteorological goodness with no obtrusive ads. Upgrade to Cumulus+ to unlock advanced features including alternate app icons, color themes, more hourly condition forecasts, and more!